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WELCOME! If you're going away - don't send your dog to a "kennel" - send them on their own vacation! We believe dogs need to run and play, not sit inside all day! We invite you to look around and find out how Little River can give your dog an exciting, stimulating vacation!

The Great Outdoors
10% off Daily Walk or Activity Session
If your pet loves going for walks, chasing balls, or just has extra energy to burn, consider this package. Every day, your pet will take a hike on our 4.5 acre grounds or they can spend 30 stimulating minutes exercising and playing ball or frisbee one-on-one with a staff member and get 10% off.

Lap Dogs Dream
10% off Daily Extra TLC Time
Does your pet want extra attention and affection from their human companion? If so, the Lap Dogs Dream is for them! Get 10% off when you treat your pet to 30 minutes of extra one-on-one cuddling each day, or a relaxing 15 minute brushing each day!

Mix n Match
10% off Any Combination of Daily Activities
Your pet will be glad you chose a special activity for them each day of their vacation. Get 10% off when you choose a daily activity from the following: Activity Sessions, Field Trips, 15 Minute Brushing, or Extra TLC.
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Give us a call if you have questions about the services or package deals available during your pet's stay at the Little River Pet Resort. You will not actually schedule the services or activities, however, until your pet checks-in.

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