Create a custom vacation by scheduling Activities and Spa Services!

Whether you have a lap dog that loves human interaction, a retriever who lives to fetch, a social butterfly that prefers to run with new canine friends, or an explorer with a curious sniffer, the Little River Pet Resort offers a variety of activities that provide a fun vacation experience and appeals to your dog's personality and needs.

Choose the activities that best fit your pet's personality and needs and let us do the rest. Our activities are designed to reduce stress, allow social pets to meet new (and old!) friends, and provide exercise and mental stimulation. Once they visit, they can't wait to come back!

Fun and Tasty Treats


Nightly Treat and Tuck-in $5
Schedule one last treat, cuddle & tuck-in at bedtime. Sweet doggy dreams!

Chicken Pup-sicles $6
A frozen chicken popsicle on a Milkbone “stick” is a fun and delicious way to stay cool!

Tasty Filled-Kong $5
Use our kong or bring your own - we'll fill it with peabut butter for a fun treat!


Vacation Photoshoots $20

Schedule a photoshoot and we’ll spend time taking photos of your pup out playing with their new friends. We’ll post an album on Facebook so you can check out what he/she is up to!

If you’ve scheduled other activities, you can add a photoshoot of that activity for $10.

Boarding should NEVER be boring!
WELCOME! If you're going away - don't send your dog to a "kennel" - send them on their own vacation! We believe dogs need to run and play, not sit in a cage all day! We invite you to look around and find out how Little River can give your dog an exciting, stimulating vacation!

Fun Vacation Activities................. $15 per session

Create a custom vacation schedule for your pup! Schedule a One-on-one activity today and LRPR Staff will schedule 20-30 minutes with your pet doing whatever they love most!

Is a walk part of your pet’s routine at home? Send them on a stimulating hike on trails through our wooded property! They’ll love the change of scenery! Rate is per dog.

Play Sessions
If your pet could choose one thing to do, what would it be…frisbee, fetch, chase? Schedule one-on-one play sessions with staff for great exercise & bonding-time!

TLC Sessions
Who doesn’t want some extra one-on-one cuddle time!? Whether your pet is a lapdog or they just THINK they are, they’ll love the personal attention of our TLC sessions!

Command Practice Sessions
Worried your pup will forget their manners while they’re on vacation? We’ll schedule time to practice their favorite commands and tricks. Keep their mind and body busy!

Spa Services

Departure Bath
A bath before departure is always COMPLIMENTARY with a 3-day stay or longer.

You can also schedule a departure bath during a shorter visit. While on vacation, your pup will play and explore the natural elements in our yards. A bath before departure ensures they come home smellin’ sweet and mud free! Bath rates are based on your pet’s weight.

                                                                  short hair/ long hair

  • Less than 20 pounds...................................... $18 / $22
  • 20 to 59 pounds ........................................... $23 / $27
  • 60 pounds and up.......................................... $28 / $32
    ** additional charges for very long hair or special requests


Brushing / Blow-drying
Finish off an LRPR bath with some brushing and/or blow-drying time. Or, schedule pampering brushing sessions throughout the course of your pet's visit. Brushing or blow-drying time is available in 10 minute increments. Remember to schedule more time for larger dogs and pups with longer hair.

  • 10 Minutes / $12
  • 20 Minutes / $22
  • 30 Minutes / $30